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Inpower is an evidence-based intervention program for cancer patients and survivors, designed to improve your quality of life and hope for a vibrant future.

Inpower Assists each Participant and Helps them to:

  • Reduce the number and severity of side effects resulting from cancer and treatment
  • Regain flexibility and range of motion to sites post radiation or surgery
  • Address muscular imbalances resulting from cancer treatments
  • Develop, maintain or regain muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance
  • Refocus energy from “illness” to “wellness”


Why Inpower – By maintaining or increasing physical fitness through a customized cancer exercise program during cancer treatment, one can actually reduce the number and intensity of side effects, improve quality of life, and help in overall recovery. Learn more >>

Benefits of Exercise – “50% increase for survival rate when cancer patients added exercise to their lifestyle after diagnosis” Journal of Oncology 2006.  Learn more >>

Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist - Laura has unparalleled knowledge and experience, giving her the unique ability to assist cancer patients during treatment and recovery.  Find out why she started Inpower.  Learn more>>