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Inpower – Cancer Exercise Program

Despite advanced medical treatments, no matter your age, sex, or diagnosis, cancer therapies can cause debilitating side effects: depression, paralyzing fatigue and loss of muscle mass, all of which diminishes one’s quality of life. Inpower is a carefully designed, evidence based intervention program for patients in fighting these cancer treatment related symptoms. Inpower has shown that by maintaining or increasing physical fitness through a customized cancer exercise program during cancer treatment, one can actually reduce the number and intensity of side effects, improve quality of life, and help in overall recovery.

Inpower Assists each Participant and Helps them to:

  • Reduce the number and severity of side effects resulting from cancer and treatment
  • Regain flexibility and range of motion to sites post radiation or surgery
  • Address muscular imbalances resulting from cancer treatments
  • Develop, maintain or regain muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance
  • Refocus energy from “illness” to “wellness”

Class Includes:

  • Initial private fitness and quality of life assessment conducted by both an oncology nurse and qualified fitness instructor.
  • Individualized fitness plan incorporating strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular training, including instruction on exercise equipment, safety and form.
  • Due to treatments many unpredictable side effects, individual programs are reassessed and modified daily, meeting the survivors immediate emotional and physical needs.
  • Final fitness and quality of life assessment with comparative metrics from initial evaluation and establishment of goals for an ongoing fitness program, including specifics to guarantee adherence.

Inpower is available to patients under-going treatment for any cancer type and stage as well as survivors out of treatment.