Why Inpower?

“50% increase for survival rate when cancer patients added exercise to their lifestyle after diagnosis”
Journal of Oncology 2006

Purpose of Exercise

No matter your age, sex, or diagnosis, cancer therapies can cause severe negative side effects, robbing patients of quality of life. Inpower is a carefully designed intervention program for patients in fighting these cancer treatment related symptoms. By maintaining or increasing physical fitness through a customized fitness plan during cancer treatment, one can actually reduce the number and intensity of side effects, improve quality of life, and help in overall recovery.

Exercise During Treatment

IMG_7884_1_SnapseedAt Inpower we will design a customized exercise program taking into consideration your cancer diagnosis, treatment plan, current health conditions, and side effects. Your personal exercise program is then continually monitored and tailored, adapting to your current physical and mental state in order to meet your needs and well-being daily. Ultimately, the goal is to diminish side effects resulting from treatment, retain or regain as much strength as possible and increase overall chances of survival. The more physically fit that patient is, the easier it is for the body and mind to tolerate chemotherapy, radiation and other invasive treatments.

While exercise may seem counter intuitive for patients who feel extremely fatigued or nauseous, we are learning so much more about how important exercise really is as part of a treatment program. As with anyone embarking on a new exercise routine, we know that exercise benefits many psychological and physical ailments such as anxiety, depression, constipation, fatigue, and insomnia that are all common with cancer patients as well. But an additional benefit of exercise to that patient is the improvement of the “chemo completion rate” meaning patients are more likely to receive their prescribed chemotherapy dose on schedule instead of experiencing delays commonly seen when patients experience severe side effects resulting from the treatments. This, in turn, is improving the success rate of the treatment and overall outcomes.

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